What is Kid Wonder

Kid Wonder is a monthly educational craft and activity box, just for kids!  Our goal is to provide busy families with exciting hands-on educational activities and quality materials that will encourage learning through play. Each month is a new theme for ages 3-6 and is delivered in an affordable and convenient monthly subscription box!  

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What's Inside

Each month your child will receive a themed activity box filled with all the materials you need to complete 4 or more projects. Whether it's digging for dinosaur bones, exploring outer space, or giving pet check-ups, Kid Wonder boxes are sure to provide hours of creative fun!

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Choose a subscription plan and subscribe to Kid Wonder.

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A new themed box filled with crafts and activities will arrive at  your doorstep. Our subscription boxes ship the first week of every month. 

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Enjoy quality time learning and crafting together with your child through engaging projects and activities. 

Ages 3-6

Little Dreamers Box



Absolutely worth every penny. My son adores these boxes and I am always shocked by both the quality and quantity of activities in each box. I couldn’t be happier with them. 

Stacey T

AMAZING boxes! Brings the creativity and imagination out of them! My kids looove them! They’re so much fun! 

Tess A

I am so INCREDIBLY impressed with these boxes! The quality of the supplies are fantastic, the build on play from activity to activity is very fluent, and the picture instruction card is easy to follow even for non readers. It was very supportive of child lead learning, exploring, imaginative play, and confidence building with the easy to follow and assemble activities! 

Jamie C

I never write reviews, but I had to come write one for this: We just got our first box (it came within 3 days of ordering 👍) and I am still just so blown away by how amazing it is! It had Sooo many different items and activities, all of which were SO creative and fun! I won't go into too many details about what's in the animal hospital box, in case there are people out there that want to be surprised, but I couldn't believe how much we got and the quality of everything for the price we paid. I just had to come write this review in case anyone was needing help on which subscription box to choose, being there are so many out there. This hands down one of the coolest things I've done with my little one and we are already anticipating our next box!! 🙂 

Lauren T

Exceeded my expectations! I bought the summer bundle as something to do with my son over the summer. I got the Dino box and was BLOWN AWAY by what came in the box!!! 5 FUN activities with all the supplies and easy instructions! I love that it tells you how messy or time consuming an activity is so you can plan accordingly. I’ve recommended these boxes to all of my friends and family with little ones! 

Samantha C

We got the medieval box and I thought it was pretty exciting. It had 5 fun activities, with high quality materials and different levels of difficulty. My kids are 8, 5 and 2 years old and there was something for everyone: boy, girl, toddler, preschooler and second grader. For me, that is a win! The kids had a great time playing (together!) and in the end that is what matters. Plus, getting a box in the mail is THE BEST! 

Ann M


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